Santa Fe, NM Statistics & Demographics

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Santa Fe,  NM Statistics - Provided by®

Education Level

Santa Fe,  NM Statistics - Provided by®

Household Income

  • 0 to 25K

  • 25K to 50K

  • 50K to 75K

  • 75K to 100K

  • 100K to 200K

  • 200K +

Santa Fe,  NM Statistics - Provided by®

Home Value

  • Less than 100K

  • 100K to 200K

  • 200K to 300K

  • 300K to 500K

  • 500K to 1 million

  • 1 million +

Santa Fe,  NM Statistics - Provided by®

Top Buying Habits

1.   Mail Order  32%
2.   Online  28%
3.   Clothing and Shoes  25%
4.   Insurance & Finance Products  18%
5.   Books  15%
6.   General Merchandise  9%
7.   Jewelry & Cosmetics  9%
8.   Female Oriented  6%
Santa Fe,  NM Statistics - Provided by®

Top Interests & Hobbies

1.  Clothing  23%
2.  Arts  21%
3.  Donating To Charities  21%
4.  Fitness  21%
5.  Reading  21%
6.  Sports  21%
7.  Domestic Travel  20%
8.  Kitchen Aids & Appliances  20%
Santa Fe,  NM Statistics - Provided by®

Age Information

The age data listed here is based on a birth date information that we collect from a variety of public and proprietary sources and statistical models. We then compare this data against U.S. Census data for validation purposes.

Household Income

Real estate data is derived from statistical models. The models incorporate several highly predictive individual and household level attributes. Validation and model fitting include comparisons to U.S. Census data.

Buying Interests

This information is collected from catalog/retail transactions and responders to direct marketing offers that are aggregated into specific purchase categories.

Education Levels

Education info are compiled from self-reported surveys, occupational information or derived from statistical models. Many data attributes are incorporated into the models including some U.S. Census data.

Home Values

Property prices are derived from the most current census data.

Interests and Hobbies

This information is primarily self-reported data collected via surveys and questionnaires that consumers complete regarding their own personal lifestyle preferences across a wide variety of categories.